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Funding the expedition

As Frontier is a non-profit organisation it is essential that volunteer Research Assistants like myself raise sufficient funds to cover the cost of the expedition. I currently need to raise 2200 in order to fund my part in the expedition. Costs not included in this are flights, Visa, insurance and equipment. I hope to cover these costs myself with money earned from temporary work over the next couple of months.

In order to raise the 2200 I have started to organise charity events such as a sponsored walk, charity gigs and an evening ball in my home town. For details of these events click here.

However, in order to raise the full amount needed I may be relying on kind donations from individuals and companies. The money is assured to be put to positive use in my work on the expedition helping in the conservation of a beautiful and important threatened eco-system. If any amount is raised over the necessary 2200 I pledge to donate this to Frontier and The Society for Environmental Exploration and the positive work that they continue to undertake.

Apart from sponsoring a good cause, any donations will be greatly beneficial to the donating body. With permission I will use the donating company's logo on all future stationary, allow for advertising and logo's on my website (and provide relevant links their websites),  and publicly thank them for their donations at my charity events and publicity in the local media.

I am also open to any offers of sponsorship including an overall sponsor of my expedition and the wearing of sponsor t-shirts and clothing in the field.

How to donate/sponsor

If you would like to make a donation towards the expedition or to provide any kind of sponsorship you can do so by:

- writing with suggestions or cheques to: Matthew Stead, 88 Churchill Grove, Tewkesbury, Glos, GL20 8DW. Please make cheques payable to Mr M Stead.

- phoning me on: 07940 317977 or 01684 298463.

- emailing me at: mattsteadvietnam@hotmail.com

- paying online using a credit or debit card. To do so please click the icon below. Please also email all your details including address and phone number so that I can acknowledge and thank you for your kind donation, and to add any details of sponsorship/conditions of donation that you would like to add. All payments are made securely using Paypal online banking. 


When is funding needed by?

As I have applied and been accepted for the next expedition in June time is of the essence and I need to raise funds urgently. Donations are needed within the next two months. Any donations after this period will still be kindly accepted and put towards future work of Frontier and The Society for Environmental Exploration.

All sponsorship/donations are massively appreciated whether the be large or small.

Thank you for your generosity. Matt Stead March 2003.